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What is the Practitioners’ Hub?

The Practitioners Hub is a collaborative project designed to bring together practitioners working in the home energy and sustainability advice ‘space’ to share knowledge and best practice.
It is a member-only resource that

connects organisations and individuals with a simple shared objective – to provide New Zealanders with high quality independent advice to enable them to improve the performance of their homes and their quality of life.


Between December 2012 an August 2013 Community Energy Network hosted a pilot project with partners across New Zealand’s housing, energy and sustainability sector. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the partners listed below, and Godfrey Hall, for their financial support to run the pilot project.




The purpose of the Hub is to build a community of practice among home performance practitioners – to foster peer learning, synthesise best practice, and produce high quality practical tools to support advisors in their practice.

We believe that strong links between different types of practitioners (advisors, researchers, policy makers and others) allows for information sharing and learning that will strengthen all of our work.

Who is a Practitioner?

A practitioner is someone who through their professional practice is involved in providing, promoting, supporting, or researching the basis of independent, expert, advice to New Zealanders as a mechanism to enable improved performance of their homes and a better quality of life.

Core Principles

The Practitioners’ Hub has a set of core principles according to which members work together. We believe that advice should be provided to New Zealanders in accordance with the following principles:

  • Advice should be independent (not tied to a single product or ‘solution’),
  • Advice should be based on good science and best practice, and
  • Advice should be personalised and and in the best interests of the client.


We’re currently working on a mechanism to expand membership beyond pilot participants. It is proposed that membership will open to individuals who can demonstrate they are a ‘practitioner’ (as defined above), subscribe to the Hub’s core principles (above) and reflect these in the intent and delivery of their professional practice.

Members will be required to adhere to a code of practice.

If you are interested in membership please contact Sally Blackwell.



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