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Jo Wills
Profile I: Who is the Community Energy Network?
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In the first of our profile blogs Jo Wills from Community Energy Network talks about CEN and outlines their latest projects. I’d really like other groups involved in the pilot to profile their work in this way too. Thanks Jo for kicking this off. Sally.

Community Energy Network (CEN) is an incorporated society made up of social enterprises around New Zealand.

Our members all share in the vision to see all New Zealanders having access to and living in warm, dry, healthy and affordable homes – this is something which separates us from 100% sales focused activities.

Our purpose is to show leadership in the residential energy sector.  We aim to do this collaboratively with other organisations also in this space and work towards producing relevant resources, providing training, running projects and campaigns, as well as advocating on behalf of our members and the communities they operate in.

One of our most recent projects which I have been managing and quite exicted by is the Fuel Poverty Awareness campaign.  We want to raise the awareness of Fuel Poverty in the minds of all kiwis – so we can start to shift peoples perception and expectations of living in a warm, dry home; and to put forward a compelling case for Minimum Energy Performance Standards to Govt, for rental properties.

I recently had a conversation with a man just immigrated from Scotland, he’s qualified within the UK industry and couldn’t  believe the poor standard of NZ homes – no real surprises there.  Do you think Minimum Energy Performance standards for rental properties will have a positive impact on those most affected and at risk of Fuel Poverty – or will it not be enough?

  1. I have recently purchase my first rental property. I would absolutely love to have a MEP check-list or guide to enable me to assess whether or not I am treating my tenants ethically (in this regard, at least 😉

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