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Sally Blackwell
Local approach to rental WoFs being considered
 Thursday, 18 July, 2013 – 14:29

The Green Party welcomes the Dunedin City Council’s move to put forward a Local Bill creating a Warrant of Fitness for rental properties and believes all rentals in New Zealand should have to meet liveability standards, Green Party housing spokesperson Holly Walker said today.

Dunedin City Council is considering a Local Bill for Parliament that would give the Council the power to enforce a Warrant of Fitness on rentals in the city. The Green Party has had a Bill requiring insulation standards for rentals in the parliamentary ballot since 2010. The Green Party Home for Life package extends this to a full Warrant of Fitness that would require rentals to be fit for families to live in.

“It’s fantastic news that Dunedin Council is joining the fight for healthy, warm rentals that are fit for families to live in. Any move that stops our kids getting sick needlessly and reduces the exorbitant power bills our families face in winter is worth backing,” said Ms Walker.

“Across New Zealand, hundreds of thousands of rentals don’t have adequate insulation and aren’t weathertight, while some even lack basic facilities. It’s incredible that it is legal to rent out such poor quality housing in New Zealand.

“If you’re in the business of selling rental accommodation, you should meet basic standards, just like any other business. Families shouldn’t be living in rentals that are making them sick.

“Getting our houses up to standard is a simple, affordable measure that will make life better for families, save families money and save the taxpayer a fortune in health costs as well as boosting the economy while reducing our environmental impact. It’s a classic example of smart, green economics that builds a better New Zealand.

“The Green Party wants to see a Warrant of Fitness scheme in place nationwide so that all rentals are in fit condition for families to live in them. The Dunedin Council’s proposed Bill is a great contribution to that effort,” said Ms Walker.

from Voxy.co.nz (press release)

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