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Sally Blackwell
Getting Independent Advice out there in the UK
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Energy Advisors in the UK are taking to the airwaves. Imagine if we were able to provide this here…

On air with the Home Energy Team

It’s a busy time for our advice service

28 October 2013

With the current furore over rising energy bills, fuel poverty and ‘green taxes’, energy issues are all over the news at the moment. Looking for a trusted voice to give some impartial advice on reducing bills, journalists have come to CSE’s Home Energy Team.

Jamie Walters, who heads up the Home Energy Team, and Energy Advisor Justin Lee-Gammage, have both been answering questions and sharing their wisdom on BBC Radio Bristol and Radio Somerset. Jamie also appeared on Radio 4’s national Money Box programme to suggest more ways people could cut their energy bills or get financial help.

Click here to listen to Jamie on Money Box (Saturday 26 October 2013).

The radio can be a great tool for reaching just the right people. One lady who had never done anything about her energy bills before was spurred into action by hearing Jamie on Radio Bristol. She had never switched supplier or tariff and had been with the same supplier for 50 years. It goes without saying that she was paying way above the odds for her gas and electricity. She called the advice line because after getting her switching offer, her supplier wants to charge an exit fee. We’ve appointed a case worker to look into this and make sure everything works out for her.


The Home Energy Team’s advice has been travelling further on the airwaves

It’s obvious that people are worried about energy at the moment. Our advisors say there’s been a “huge increase” in the number of people calling our advice line since the price rises, especially regarding bills, fuel debt and how to switch suppliers. Jamie and Justin’s radio appearances have prompted even more people to call for advice, who otherwise might have been left cold, stressed and unsure what to do.

The advice line is always busier during autumn and winter, but throughout the year the team helps local people with advice on getting solar panels or heat pumps, grants for energy saving home improvements, the Green Deal, working their heating systems effectively, simple ways to save energy, and more.

Our friendly, qualified, impartial advisors offer free energy advice to people in Bristol and Somerset from 9-5, Monday to Friday on 0800 082 2234. They also do home visits and offer advice at local events and workshops. Read all about our Home Energy Team here, or visit our energy advice site at

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