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Andrea Blackmore
Rented homes don’t need to be cold and damp

Hi Hub folk

Beacon’s Vicki Cowan has been working with the Rate My Flat crew from Dunedin and is currently starting a fact bank of the basic advice for renters and landlords with the evidence for why they should do it.

As a start she’s written this blog and I thought I would share it in the hope that you may have experience and ideas to add…so comments gratefully received.

From Vicki…

I recently had the pleasure of spending time at a conference with the good people from Rate My Flat. This is an initiative by Dunedin students to create an online database of rental property ratings and resources for both tenants and landlords to improve these homes. ( )

We got talking about how there are basic things even a tenant can do to improve the warmth and dryness of a home and we ended up with a brainstorming session on what these are.

I think it’s worth reiterating here: even if you’re renting there are simple things you can do, that don’t cost the earth, and which will make you warmer and drier.

So what are they?

First and foremost, moisture is bad for you and your flat

Wet houses are harder to heat and makes mould grow – get moisture out of the house!

When you see condensation …

In the bathroom:

  • Turn on the fan or open the window as soon as you turn on the shower
  • Keep steam in the bathroom – during and after – shut the door

In the kitchen:

  • Keep a lid on pots.
  • Use an extractor fan or open the window when cooking

Living room/bedroom:

  • Don’t EVER dry washing inside – all the moisture in your clothes ends up in the room
  • NEVER use an unflued gas heater – they produce a litre of moisture every hour
  • Remove condensation from windows (use a towel or buy a $20 Scoopy)
  • Open window and doors when the weather is good. Air the house like your granny does.

Secondly, warm up

  • Shut the curtains at sundown to keep the heat in and open them in the morning to let light and sun back in.
  • Stop draughts through doors and windows – use door sausages or towels to stop gaps.
  • If your heating isn’t fixed (such as a heat pump), choose the most effective and efficient heating for your space – check the Consumer website for running costs.
  • Free up budget for heating: Save electricity with EECA’s Energywise advice

Choose a cheaper electricity provider:

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