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Andrea Blackmore
10 star show home open in Christchurch

The first home to achieve a 10 Homestar Built rating in New Zealand has opened its doors in Christchurch and features a number of sustainable and eco-friendly products.

It includes

  • A Dual Hydronic underfloor central heating system that is integrated into the fully insulated slab and also heats the domestic hot water with power provided by PV solar panels .
  • European style PVC windows.
  • Passive solar design is achieved with thicker floor and interior black floor tiles aid solar gain.
  • Exterior cladding consists of blonded larch and black aluminium Ultraclad for ‘Solar Walls that prewarm fresh air supplied a ERV (energy recovery ventilation system.
  • Innovative energy drains (with copper coil heat exchangers) pre-warm water supplied to the showers by extracting heat from the waste water before it reaches the grey water treatment systems.
  • Treated grey water is added to the rain water tank and pumped back in for use in toilets and the washing machine and tub.

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