Flat pack, net zero, prefab house
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Andrea Blackmore
Flat pack, net zero, prefab house

The Axiom house in Kansas City, US, is a new venture from Acre Designs.

“We see no reason why architect-designed, highly efficient housing should not be attainable at a reasonable price point. To do that, we are treating this more like a car than a house. With cars, the design effort goes in at the front end, and at the purchase end, the customers do not get a custom product, but they get access to high-end finishes and their choice of features. We think we can leverage buying power by providing a set of well-designed packages.”

It includes Passive Geothermal (glycol ground loops). A grid of pipes buried in the ground deliver water at near 55°F to a heat exchanger built into the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) that is required in a house that is so tight. “So one gets all the benefits of an earth tube, preheating or precooling the air, without the problems and at a lot lower cost than a fancy ground source heat pump”

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