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Andrea Blackmore
Busting solar energy myths

Found this article which busts 11 typical myths about solar energy:

“Don’t think solar works for you? You could be wrong! A lot of myths swirl around solar energy that prevent people from making a well-informed decision about whether it’s right for them. PURE Energies, an NRG Home Solar Company, tackled 10 of the biggest myths about solar energy that you SHOULDN’T believe. I’ve added one of my own, because it’s the one that initially most got in my way when I was thinking about going solar.”

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Andrew Pollard
Is Solar Water Heating worth the investment?
Blog, Solar Hot Water

As the summer continues, many solar water heating (SWH) systems will be peaking in their annual energy performance. But as we move into winter the performance of SWH systems will drop. Is it worthwhile to invest in solar given the lowered winter performance, as cautioned by last year’s Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s (PCE’s) report?

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