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Hi Victoria

Welcome to the Hub and thanks for your post.

As a very preliminary starting point I suggest you put “solar” into the search box on the Right Hand side of the page. That will allow you to see the discussions people have been having about solar on the site since its been up (just over a year). It will also bring up any documents or resources on the site and you might see who the people in the Hub that have been commenting are and who may be able to help you with more detailed assessments.

I’m not a technical expert… there are others here who are. As a starting point though I would say the best and most affordable options will depend a lot on the specific house and site and what you are trying to achieve – i.e. who is living there, how may people, are they home all day, how is the site orientated, is it grid connected etc, etc which is all pretty specific information. A wetback to supplement might be a good option depending on those other factors. I can’t comment on underfloor heating but someone here probably can.

Check out some of these resources too as a starting point.

EECA’s Power from the People: http://www.eeca.govt.nz/sites/all/files/power-from-the-people-microgen-guide-nov2010.pdf

Beacon’s Solar Assessment checklist: http://www.beaconpathway.co.nz/files/docs/Solar_Assessment_Checklist.pdf

Eco Design Advisor solar tip sheet http://www.ecodesignadvisor.org.nz/assets/Uploads/Solar-hot-water-fact-sheet-no-9.pdf

You might also want to read this post:

I hope this is some help and others may be able to provide more suggestions.