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Hi Scott,

Sorry I wasn’t clearer in my previous post. What I meant is that it’s still packed up in a box somewhere from when I moved recently – I need to find the box and then I can set it up at the new house.

Setting it up couldn’t be much easier. 🙂 The transmitter consists of a small box and a a sensor that is opened, placed around around the active / phase cable and then clipped shut. The instructions recommend it is done by an electrician but it’s just as easy, if easier than changing a fuse. There is no changes to wiring – it’s simply clipping the sensor around the plastic coated cable. Anyone can do in seconds as long as they are taking care around active power cables at the house electrical board.

Very plug and play.

You can see the sensor clip here:


After installing the sensor you push a button on both the transmitter and receiver to sync up the wireless signal and it’s active.

The manual for the OWL+USB is missing from the centameter.co.nz website at the moment but you can see the OWL micro manual here to get the full picture.