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Jo Wills

This is an observation from my own home, relevant to the article and case study mentioned but not specifically to Nik’s question. We had HRV installed years ago (before I have the knowledge I have now), and since working for CEN and learning via the HPA programme I have turned the system off (last year). It’s been incredibly dry in Tauranga for about the last 3 -4 months, although we are just starting to get rain again now. My partner and I have both made comments on how the house feels dry even though it’s raining outside, both times we mentioned it was during the day and with temperatures warm enough to not need heating – but very very wet (90mms over a couple of days). This is significant because the inside air always used to feel damp whenever it rained (summer or winter) and it’s so remarkably different now that we both noticed it. And the HRV system has been off for about a year. We have also done other things such as topped up our ceiling insulation, lined the curtains and put in an extraction fan in the kitchen. Curious.