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Hi Sarah

I second Lois and Jo’s comments. Well done!

The only thing I might add is to be explicit about regular ventilation of the room. We have a cold spare bedroom and I make sure I open the windows whenever I can to let some air in/out.

Also, it would be good to remind them not to dry clothes indoors on a rack and to check whether they are using an unflued gas heater. You may have already covered these points off.

On this topic, we (the Hub) are working on an advisors’ guide on internal moisture (its slow progress as its currently unfunded) that would supplement the HPA training and should provide more guidance in this area. Your question is useful to help us shape that.

Out of interest. Would you (or anyone else reading this) be interested if we could arrange a “masterclass” or workshop on Internal Moisture specifically. There would be a cost attached but we would try to keep it minimal and also try to arrange it alongside another event so that travel can be minimised. Just putting it out there. It would be useful to get a sense of interest in something like this.

Also, Sarah, can you please clarify your question about the “Trustees”? Who were you referring to there?

Thanks, and well done.