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Sarah Grant

Thank you ladies for your support and helpful comments – further information has come through from the enquiring Trustee (of Sustaining Hawke’s Bay Trust):

Thanks heaps for the questions and PPT re my inquiry.
I have not been able to open your PPT on this ipad but will do so
tomorrow from my Mac.

We do have range hood in kitchen (hate noise so lots of times just
windows open while cooking), extractor fans in bathrooms and duct vent
system in ceiling pumping dry/warm air in etc etc.
The challenge with this room is that it is a later add-on put on slab
of concrete and no insulation in ceiling with flat color steel roof.
Rest house is now very well insulated but this room ltd opp.
Also, due to lay out, less airflow from warmer hall way to this room.

So, i am quite keen on double glazing and do some initial research.
We now will regularly have woofers staying with us and they will want
a warm room.

If you hear/see anything, please let me know.

Me again: For some reason I knew (or assumed correctly) that the extension was on a concrete slab, hence no enquiring about conditions for rising damp. I’ve been working on a separate Ventilation powerpoint which I aim to send through to the Trustee as well as soon as I’m happy with it, which should address some of these points.

Thanks for the reminder about the film double glazing, we are going to get some as a demonstration in the Environment Centre for our window / curtain display corner so I’ll invite the Trustee to come and have a look before she makes her final decision. I understood that the film isn’t that viable on aluminium windows as the frame is too shallow to provide much of an air gap – is this correct?

I would love to participate in a masterclass – but wonder if it can be accessed remotely via skype or another live videostreaming medium? This would further reduce the cost by eliminating travel and accommodation, and also would potentially make it much easier to attend time-wise. There are systems available where the viewers can participate either by forum style communication during the video or through direct feedback verbally. Could be worth looking into anyway. 🙂

Sally, the reference to Trustee was in relation to the source of the enquiry – we haven’t publicly announced the new HPA capabilities (mainly because I haven’t passed yet!) so only people directly connected with the Environment Centre are asking me questions at this stage – a good way of ‘pilot testing’my knowledge and advice before subjecting the public to my newness!

Kind Regards,