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Paul Hansen

A few further thoughts. Scratch around the edge of the concrete slab this extension sits on if it was laid separate the house pad. It should have a quality (250 micron) plastic moisture barrier between the ground and the concrete pad. This would restrict moisture wicking back in through the concrete. Personally for me I would be interested in pulling the flat roof off this extension and putting in the insulation Limited space in this void may inhibit product at all or minimise the R-Value of what does go in, but there are products that could be used, ie high density under floor if only 80mm space worse case scenario (you need a 25mm breather gap between insulation and the roof element). This is not a big job but you would want to be confident of the skills of those re-applying the roof (ie use bigger gauge shank on roof screws to guarantee the hold). I would only use polyester insulation for this job as there is no way of accessing this product in the future to check and/or upgrade.