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Hi Sarah,

great response 😉

You have covered all the important first steps to deal with the problem.
The next question would be, are they only concerned about the mould they noticed on the curtains or is it a bigger problem? There is the possibility that mould could be in other areas as well (corners, within cupboards or on the back of skirting and plaster boards)!
As you know I’m a big fan of measuring temperature and relative humidity to get a better understanding what they are dealing with and to tailor the next steps to their requirements.
In the meantime they should measure the relative humidity in the room and change their ventilation and heating regime to get the relative humidity below 70%.
In case there is no insulation in the ceiling it is very unlikely have any insulation in the walls. For that reason double glazing should be further down the list.
I would agree with Paul to insulate the ceiling first.
Cheers Carsten