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Jo Wills

Thanks everyone for the responses. I ran the idea by my partner of leaving the window open a crack at night but it was not well received – our windows are massive, big vertically opening things which we have on security stays but the problem there being: there is no such thing as a crack, the smallest opening is quite significant, I’d be willing to try it but Cory has said NO. Which leads me to the film being the alternative solution – although I have one concern that if there is still condensation (albeit a lessor amount), once the film is up, I have no chance to cleaning any mold that might still appear (without removing the film). I gave the windows and sills a vinegar/water clean over the weekend. The other potential compromise I thought of was to remove one strip of the draft stopping from each window, which would allow for some airflow which the window closed. It’s very interesting to see the house perform so differently as a result of all the things we have done, and now it’s a matter of tweaking the system to get it right.