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Sarah Grant

Hello all,

Since this discussion has morphed into window film, I thought I’d post a quick pic and some thoughts on my first trial of window film (at the Environment Centre).

I’ve just finished installing window film on a casement window, and found the process easy. I’m not ‘that’ happy with the end result though, mostly because of a slight cloudiness of the film, and some dust and fingerprint marks. My fault though as I got a bit enthusiastic and didn’t read all the instructions that said to clean any tables you cut on (I didn’t) and wash your hands before you start (I didn’t).

We don’t tend to get any condensation on any of the windows here as we’re only here for up to 8 hours a day with very few moisture making activities apart from breathing. I’ll also be installing film on my office windows which should make a considerable difference in heat retention and input required as it’s on the SE side and is always between 7.8deg and 8.3deg when I come in each morning.

Sorry for hijacking your post Jo!

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