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Norman Smith

Hi Sarah,

small world, only yesterday I had a look at a neighbours house built around 2007 which is both cold and expensive to run. No silver bullet but the no-brainer starting place for them is their 14 downlights in the kitche/lounge. These were installed at the time when a 300mm gap was required between ceiling insulation and the light fittings. This means huge gaps in insulation. Given the warm air will bridge through these holes the end result is, in effect, very litle insulation and so its very hard to get/keep the place warm. So as well as the running cost of the lights its also the heat loss.

My recommndation to my neighbours is replace all fittings and lamps with AS/NZS60598.2.2.(?) compliant ones so they can put insulation right over the top. They cost around $60-70. What they might do is take some of them out and use the money they save to contribute towards the cost of having the holes plastered and painted’ I mean who needs 14 downlights in a single room! The quality of the light, longetivty and running costs is greatly improved and LEDs offer a much broader and flexible spectrum of design options to choose from.

I’m sure you will understand the issues about doing this properly and not simply going with an LED bulb replacement whch means you cannot safely cover it with insulation.

Cheers, Norman