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Scott Willis

Hi Sarah,
Just as an outlier suggestion – here in Blueskin, where we’ve done a few energy audits prior to HPA’s, two of the things that popped up on the radar are water and waste, because while there’s mostly town supply water, it is trickle feed to a header tank, and in Waitati sewerage is via composting toilets, septic systems or very basic systems. The two issues that have arisen from new builds in this area are:
1. Water pressure pumps – every time the tap is turned on, the pump is engaged to bring water at pressure down the pipe. Would this be an issue in the house too? It always leads to enormous bills and for people who have been made aware of this issue, building a tower with a header tank is usually their first direct project.
2. 24/7 septic tanks. Your clients are probably town sewerage connected, but if not, this one is a biggie.
It does sound as if the house builder has made some energy poor choices in the build and its your (unenviable?) job to inform the current occupants that they can take control, and they can do so in a rational and productive way. Good luck.