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Sarah Grant

Hi Scott,

Thanks for weighing in. Some of the first questions I ask in my Home Assessment’s is about the services to the house to make sure I’m fully informed. Even with houses in urban areas I still ask even though it would be reasonable to assume they’re ‘mains’ connected to all services (I’d be pretty embarrassed to miss someone’s PV panels for example!). I specifically checked with this homeowner because in my preparation for the visit I did wonder about this (they’re in a new subdivision in a small village).

The funny thing is, the homeowner I did the assessment for was only the house’s second occupant – it was the builders own home prior to this family. I’d be pretty peeved (with myself) if I built this new gorgeous home and it was cold and expensive to heat. I also suspect strongly that the HRV was installed very early in the house’s life due to condensation problems – but it’s hard to be sure.

Some of you might be interested in this little doozy I found in the roof space – the knot tied in the HRV ducting – presumably to shorten it. Surely this is poor form?

Many thanks for your input, I’ve learnt a lot from this job already and don’t expect it to stop or slow down for a long time yet!


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