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Scott Willis

Hi all,
Yesterday a community member dropped promo material and a quote he’d received for a “Solar Pro” system. It may be nowhere else in the country at present as the material tells me “Solar Pro is an Otago & Southland Company that specialises in Heating and Ventilation systems. Soar Pro’s Solar Air Panel System has been created designed and thoroughly tested right here, with each one getting manufactured by ourselves in our Invercargill premises.”

Still, I’d be interested in any independent information there is on this system, as we’re starting to see it promoted now.

“How it works: The suns energy passes through our specialised polycarbonate extrusion lid and is absorbed by the solar collector inside. Warm air is taken from the roof cavity and drawn under then over Solar pro’s collector, transferring energy available to the passing air. The heated air is then put through a specialised filter and fan system before being ventilated throughout your home.”

The promoters offer it as “either a stand alone ventilation system or simply attached to your existing ventilation system”.

Interested in any information anyone has on this product (apologies for brand name use, but necessary) or concept – it appears to me to be an innovative new way of getting rid of money.

Oh, its all on the web too: http://solarpro.co.nz/
I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for anyone who has installed this system. Great thread BTW.

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