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Jo Wills

It is a tough one for sure. He’s already contacted a solicitor, but they don’t appear to be interested – there are just so many variables that aren’t clear in the original email. I will suggest (again) consumer.org.nz but the niggle remains in my mind that maybe there are other factors causing the temperature in his house to be low – but how could a heat pump installer know that unless they have completed a full assessment (highly unlikely). Anyone fancy a trip to Fielding? This really just highlights how important a whole of house assessment can be. Because of course the other heat pump suppliers will tell him the other guy has got it wrong, they want him to buy their larger unit. It’s great CEN is receiving these queries (about 2 – 3 a week), and the sooner there are certified HPA’s all over the country the better. I will go back to him and run through the very basics with him (insulation, curtains, draft stopping, moisture extraction etc) and see how it goes. Thanks for your response Phil!