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Scott Willis

Hi Norman,
I don’t agree that this is in the same league, as the return photo-voltaics deliver in electricity generated is a simple estimation to make, and easily verifiable, but the financial return cannot be controlled as it is under political control. It is not hard for CEN members to clarify this to address enquiries, although I agree (if you’re suggesting this) that a simple CEN wide fact sheet with risks and benefits could be beneficial.

What complicates the Solar question is that SEANZ does not appear to be an effective industry body, exercising controls and guidance for its members and further – there are many commentators out there who confuse financial return (a very variable and changeable element of any solar installation) with generation potential (and all the additional power this gives to households to introduce additional energy management systems, bring in electric transport and mobile storage, etc – becoming true prosumers).

Personally with our need to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, I think we need to be very careful about the nature of our critiques – the increased proportion of solar on rooftops is pushing thinking about Smart Grids, and is pushing the (even more sensible) uptake by businesses and public institutions. See this article for example
– and please ignore the quote attributed to me: our whole system when up and running will be a 1.5kW array, not each panel.

Solar PV is mature technology, it produces electricity. We have to be careful about who we buy off and the quality of the technology and installation, but beyond that it is not too complicated.