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Sarah Grant

Hi All,

Ross looked at the bills last night and agrees completely with Ian. He also mentioned that people need to be careful to take an initial reading when they move into a new place because there is the option for outgoing tenants to provide a self-read to get their final bill (and hence the opportunity for dishonesty in the reading – putting some of the last power use onto the next tenants). This may not have happened in this case but it’s worth letting the tenants know about for future reference.

I think it’s so unethical to estimate both meters at the same amount (as Ian said the controlled reading on the second missing bill was lower than the estimate of the month previous so should have resulted in a refund on that portion). Just Energy should have been able to extrapolate when estimating the third bill based on how wrong they got the previous estimate of the controlled meter usage – doing this would have saved them a bunch of money and they might have been able to pay the bill in full instead of being hit with a penalty!

Bring on smart meters!