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Ian McChesney

Hi Gleb
Thanks for these points. In response to your comment “That is how deficient the whole ‘performance based’ approach of the Code is”, I don’t think that a ‘performance based’ approach per se is the issue (and maybe you didn’t mean that).
I think it is the way performance (or lack of it) is specified e.g. the still relatively low thermal performance of the Code’s “Reference Building” and the relatively low R values specified in the schedule methods (I’ve just had a quick look at Code requirement in Australia, and in their Zone 7 (mainly Tasmania – roughly equivalent to Zone 3 here, R values for ceiling, walls and floors are way higher (and there is a Zone 8 where R values are higher still)); the lack of any minimum values for building elements if a calculation method is used, the convoluted and often highly delayed process for recommended changes to the Code to be actually made mandatory (as you refer to), the lack of any performance issues around overheating….
It is also a code that has been highly influenced by the performance of certain parts of the building industry.