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Panapa Ehau

Kia ora Ian

Housing nz owns the house and it is used by Te Runanga o Ngati Porou as an emergency house for people who are waiting to be placed in a state house. I was surprised to find out that HNZ owned the house as it is not insulated which is not up to their standards for housing conditions!I have asked the housing manager to follow this up and she was suppose to have had a response back to her by Friday. As of at his morning at 10 am she had not heard anything back.

It would be much appreciated by myself and the current tenants if you could make some general enquiries with your contacts.

I agree that this would be an ideal house to do an energy efficiency makeover. I have organised for double layered curtains from the the Red Cross curtain bank in Gisborne. Is there a process for an energy efficiency makeover?