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Hi Nick

I did an environmental scan for Otago earlier in the year, which I expect I can share with you. Will need to double check. I looked at sources of information and advice for households in NZ and it might help put Smarter Homes in context for MBIE and others. The site fills a gap in terms of independent, whole of house advice aimed at households (as opposed to industry or others). In an ideal world the site could do with being ‘refreshed’ but fundamentally its good content. Sounds like a low cost way for government to:

“provide better consumer information to inform energy choices” (NZ Energy Strategy), and help achieve

“Warm, dry and energy efficient homes with improved air quality to avoid ill-health and lost productivity”. (NZEECS).

This may not be a high policy priority but it is basic consumer information that is required (at a minimum) to address a market failure. I agree with Fred on that.

I would have thought there would be ways, with minimal investment, to update the site and improve its visibility. If there are plans afoot to provide the content elsewhere, that would be useful to know.

Good luck.