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Vicki Cowan

Hi Hub’ers,
Thanks for these drainage posts, we are in some serious retrofit intervention for performance here! Previous owners of my 1900 villa in Welly had paved the outside area right up to the house, so when it rained (not enough at the moment!) the water ran under the back of the house. The adjacent room is a tricky space as NO crawl space for underfloor insulation and I don’t want to cover my lovely Rimu floorboards! During a major retrofit, we addressed with a drain between house and paving to catch that run off and the room is considerably easier to heat now.

Also your posts link to some Beacon work – we have just started a new partnership with IAG, we are hoping to get insight from them and them from us regarding residential risk management! I am sure this kind of discussion will be of use to them and I will take it into our discussions. Also Christchurch City Council are our members and are actively dealing with changing floodpatterns as a result of earthquakes and I know residential development in parts of Dunedin (including the old “House of Pain” – Carisbrook) are having to deal with flood risk. So there’s a new build issue (we might say don’t build on a floodplain…but they know and still do it…) how do you future proof drainage? and a retrofit issue (like you have been discussing above). It’s an area needing some thinking and perhaps ‘protocols’? Be good to see if any other challenges/solutions come up from ‘the field’.

It’s really clear to me that you guys on the “front doorstep” need a strong network across a whole range of skills and experience to help people get their homes warm, dry and efficient. Builders, plumbers, insulation installation experts (it’s done so badly too often), drainage, roofers…. Ha and all in one van!!
Keep fighting the good fight!