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Scott Willis

Hi all,
Firstly agree with all drainage advice. Drains are good!
Vicki – I really appreciate your comments here and am keen to learn more about the risk management work. For CEN members I think we need to be aware not only of the immediate problems of cold, unhealthy homes, but much more dramatic problem of homes in hazard zones. This is now fact – we have locked in sea-level rise although the quantum is still to be measured (we’ll only know for sure when we’re wet).
For CEN I think this means an increasing advocacy role, and also an engagement with big picture strategy and plans, such as District Plans, to bring to front line issues into policy, plans and strategy.
And yes, we all need a radical upskilling in trades and the whole housing sector…
It won’t just come from here, but will need engagement with national partners such as the NZ Climate Change Centre, etc.