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Michael Gaffney

thanks Ian,
I have just been into powerswitch.org.nz and they provide what I was looking for under trends and stats. It provides the number of kWh for each of the regions based on a medium sized household; in Auckland Central/Manukau it is 8096 and in Dunedin it is 8730 (9126 in Southland seems to be the highest). Not much difference but then as you say most people in the south are paying for other forms of heating. At least it gives me a starting point when reviewing peoples power use.

I went into powerswitch because I thought it would give me a list of power providers in the area. I wanted to check who was offering what in terms of information, I dont really want to have to visit the websites of all 11 providers in Dunedin, so I am pleased powerswitch will give me a start.