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Hi Sarah

This comment is based on you future Hot Water Upgrade. I noted you are going to look at installing a hot water heat pump. Great choice. You may know this but when you do upgrade I suggest you check out the NZ heat pump Econergy for the following reasons. Sorry in advance if I am telling you how to suck eggs.

1. NZ made, which means we are supporting NZ innovation and reducing our Carbon footprint by not importing

2. Econergy received first place in the National Sustainability awards late last year.

3. Econergy has a guaranteed 66% saving over normal electric cylinders, this is confirmed by Consumer Magazine. We have had applications where it has been closer to 80% – incredible.

4. All the other Most of the Hot water heat pumps on the market will on say up to 50% or up to 60%. When I have talk to the importer asking for some conformation of energy usage they shy away. No one will guarantee the savings.

If you do use Econergy and replacing the tank I would also suggest you use the Econergy designed tank, made by Rheem.