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Ian McChesney

Hi Alex
There are various outlets in NZ stocking the Stormguard V seal draught excluder – CEA in Christchurch (http://www.cea.co.nz/Shop/CEA-Shop-accessories/CEA-V-seal-doors-windows-__I.964__C.19235__N.17403); Sustainability Trust in Wellington; and maybe Bunnings – I saw some on their shelves in Christchurch only a couple of weeks ago although it doesn’t appear in their on-line stock list.

Window film – alternative brands to 3M are available through both CEA and Sus Trust, and 3M brand also available in Bunnings; I’m not sure that they are much cheaper though. Re the relative expense – depending on window area, one kit can go a long way, so overall cost per window can be quite low, particularly when compared with alternatives. But one problem with installing film now in my experience, where we have already had a couple of periods of cold weather, and window condensation may have started to seep into frames, is the risk of trapping moisture behind the film.