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Scott Willis

Hi Phil,
Attached is our submission, made almost a year ago. I enjoyed the process, and particularly so knowing there were some CEN friends in the room! I introduced myself and made a few points:
We deal with widespread fuel poverty issues in the Deep South.
Fuel poverty is compounded by the complexity and multiplicity of the housing crises, i.e. high rents and insecure tenure; severe housing deprivation (overcrowding, cars and caravans, etc), and; loss of social housing and increasing risk of climate ghettoization. I argued that quality housing provides significant public benefit through reducing the burden on our health system, reducing poverty and inequality, and reducing the need for social services.
We asked for:
– Some teeth (that’s for you Vicki!)
– The right standards (again!)
– For houses that are exempt, apply other requirements (not just minimum) to ensure a healthy living environment
– For the committee to properly engage with the front-line practitioners.
I expanded on all those points and hope that they fitted with what others said. Questions were good and allowed me to expand more and give stories. There was one odd question from Foster Bell (Nat) about how we as a Trust reconcile providing affordable firewood while we aim to reduce emissions. I enjoyed answering that one.