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Fred Braxton

Thanks Alex. I was thrilled to read the Consumer article. It’s the best summary of this issue that I’ve read. It should be required reading for all EDAs and HPAs: in particular the summary “Tips” at the end.

The curtain industry would love everyone to think that effective window treatments are all about the material, and the more expensive the better. But The Fit Is The Thing. One of the highest-performing scenarios is a net curtain close to the glass. Film secondary glazing is also highly effective. Both are within the financial reach of most people. I’d be very surprised if BRANZ research shows any different result.

But none of this will count for much without dealing to another common elephant in the room: opening timber-framed windows nearly always have air leaks due to warping. This is usually obvious only on windy days. On calm days you can often find these gaps by listening carefully for the places where outside noise is more obvious. V-seal is usually a good solution.