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Tim Bishop

That consumer article is great! But why don’t they present the results in units that mean something, like R-value or U-value?

Back when I was doing my MSc at Otago, I experimentally determined the in situ benefits of curtains and film secondary glazing, and estimated costs. How do the costs stand up today?

The approximate R-value results are:

Timber framed window, single glazed (baseline)
Timber frame, single glazed, with drapes and pelmet
R0.3 $0-$150/m2
Timber frame, single glazed, with window film
R0.4 $5/m2
Alu frame, thermal break, double glazed, low-e
R0.4 $450/m2

More info at: http://www.shac.org.nz/2015/09/26/thermal-performance-of-curtains/