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Jo Wills

Thanks Ian, appreciate your response. On the two occasions it’s happened, there has been significant drops in temperature overnight (and rain) and into the morning, however this morning there was no condensation anywhere in the house and similar conditions (cold, wet, no changes to indoor behaviour, humidity reading about 60 – 64% at night, when I woke up and checked it was 70% but dropped into the low 60’s again)…every window dry. But after going over and over everything in my mind, the two instances have been connected to very drastic temperature drops.

It’s the relationship I have been trying to understand with the secondary glazing and everything else going on inside and out of the house. These two instances of condensation have been the first times in about 3 years, and Nov last year we renovated our bathroom = no more damp shower curtain and a super powerful extraction fan. So I have been expected reduced humidity readings in the house…

With regards to where the condensation sits, its from the bottom up about 1/2 of the way. Which could then be my triple layer curtains making themselves known.

Its helpful to know you have experienced it as well, and the circumstances surrounding it.

Thanks again for responding!