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Vicki Cowan

Hi Nik,
I went back through notes I worked from for submission on Healthy Home Standards…

For new installations Beacon recommends more powerful extractor fans in bathrooms / wet areas (e.g. 40 litres/s) using motion sensors with a delay timer and ensuring that the duct diameter and extract fan is 150mm. also want it to be well installed, minimum bends/kinks and estacting to the outside!
Verney says he’s been talking to Steve McNeil @ BRANZ and he reckons if you specify the 150mm duct and fan grill this will help (obviously the fan should be sized for the room…)

I received this advice from Richard P:
Some minimum ventilation rates need to be specified. Our experience has been that many bathroom fans and kitchen extract systems are woefully undersized and do not perform adequately to achieve the desired outcome. Our recommended specification for bathrooms fans is a minimum airflow of 250m3/hour (equivalent to @ 70 litres/second).

This might make a few people wade in – always welcome debate!