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Vicki Cowan

Hi Adam and all others watching in,
I have been having a bit of a chat online with Roman Jaques at BRANZ on this to see where the research is. Here’s his reply to me…. So look for that upcoming report and understand the points he makes about liability.

Here is the BRANZ response:

We have just finished a research project looking at the topic of retrofitted blown glasswool insulation. The research report from that project SR436 Linings on retrofit insulation in weatherboard walls – Ensuring effective water management, is about to be published so watch this space. Some points to note however:

Councils issuing consents is a given because of the Codemarks.

In most cases the councils treat the installations as being consent exempt, but the installer still has to apply for the consent on behalf of the homeowner. Councils do not need to get involved other than to have on file that the codemark was referenced in the consent application and note if the particular installation is deemed consent exempt. That way the liability rests with the certifier and not with the council.

Councils generally don’t do any inspections or follow-up or (more importantly) issue code compliance certificates, so homeowners shouldn’t consider the consent as an indication that a council is doing anything other than confirming for their insurers that the process of determining if the house is suitable for the product and the responsibility for the outcome rests with the homeowner, the installer, and their certifier.

Hope this is useful.