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Eion Scott

I had to persist with this app – it came up first all squeezed up, so loaded a different picture. Quite a fiddly system, not sure what the advantage is of saving to the cloud over hosting the picture on your site (but then I’m a bit of a neanderthal when it comes to new fangled technologies…) Re adding information to your profile, I can’t see any field to do this in. Am I missing something? Should we not have fields for Organisation/Role, maybe Town/City, maybe a short description of quals/interests? Would be good to guide what people say rather than leave it open, as some people will spend a lot of time and others won’t bother. Re one issue I had with the blog page, when I clicked on the link in Lois’ blog on summer overheating it couldn’t find the page, so I think it’s set up to search only this internet site. Worked ok when I pasted into a web browser. Also, are we meant to reply to blogs? Doesn’t seem like there’s a comment opportunity. Who gets to write blogs and how?