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Jo Wills

Long time between updates however this project is moving along very rapidly.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is a very exciting step for CEN and I would like to recognize the people and organisations making it possible; Tindall Foundation for the funding, the HPA Working Group consisting of Lois Easton – Beacon, Ian Mayes – Hamilton City Council Eco Design Advisor, Ian McChesney – Public Policy Contractor, Heidi Mardon – Enviroschools and Sally Blackwell – Meso Consulting. This amazing team of people have been amazing so you can expect me to keep singing their praises for a long time to come!

Onto the detail:

The pre-test has been completed by all those wishing to participate. This has been a very important step because it’s allowing our working group to determine various levels of need amongst the group and they will be tailoring the training to suit. As these first courses are a pilot, we will be relying on those attending to provide open and honest feedback about the content, course materials and delivery.

When we launch this to the wider sector it will truly be a ‘by the sector for the sector’ initiative that has the potential for massive impact across NZ. One of the ‘top 5 barriers’ to achieving affordable warmth for NZ families as determined by the conference attendees was;
4. ‘Access to quality and trusted advice’ with the solution agreed as ‘Capacity training and development within sector, led by independent organisation’.

So this training is delivering to an urgent need in the market and all who are attending (and pass) the first two courses will be the first in NZ to become CEN Certified Home Performance Advisors. When we open it to the sector, non-members will be able to go on the course but won’t be CEN certified, just Certified Home Performance Advisors (plus they will pay more).

The two course dates are as below, in total we have had 31 people take the test, and there is a good distribution of people from across the country this is a great start!

South Island, Christchurch: 7pm Wednesday 30th October – 5pm Friday 1st November
North Island, Hamilton: 7pm Wednesday 6th November – 5pm Friday 8th November