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Jo Wills

Hi Chris, you may have seen the CEN newsletter that went out yesterday afternoon, in there was a brief update on a project CEN, EMANZ and Beacon are working on, see below, and if you have the chance to talk about this on Thursday Chris I could give you a call.

5. Energy Practitioner Certification
There is a lot of activity happening in this space between CEN, EMANZ and Beacon Pathway. We are working collaboratively to bring CEN members a national training programme for energy practitioner certification, and hope to have something in place in the very near future (within the year).

What we aim to achieve is a national certification training programme for energy practitioners which clearly articulates the competence requirements for being a recognized residential energy assessor. These competencies would align to the vision and values of CEN and be setting the standards for whole of house, best performance energy assessments in New Zealand.

I hope to provide a much more detailed update before the end of May.