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Eion Scott

There’s been a number of determinations, I’m not sure if they’re published, on injected foam insulation. There was a suggestion that as a result it would be included in exemptions from Building Consent listed in Schedule 1 of the Building Act. However, I’ve just been told that external wall insulation still requires consent, so scrap what I said above. However, we now have very few grounds to refuse consent, basically only for fire egress, disability access and that the building will operate at least as well as it did before the installation (in other words, that insulation levels won’t be worse) . That all sounds fine, and it’s reinforced by the Practice Note below, which outlines what mitigation measures we can require, such as measuring moisture content inside the wall before and after, but it means we can’t refuse the consent because of structural or weathertightness issues that were the original cause of concern with this product.  Hope that helps.