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Jo Wills

I agree.  I am fielding more and more enquiries through the CEN website from homeowners confused and frustrated by what they are being told by sales reps for a vast array of energy efficiency products.  As you mentioned Richard, the building code is a bit of a thorn in our side, because we know ‘crappy homes’ can still be build according to the code.   And of course the other issue is the power of a ‘good’ salesperson who builds rapport with the homeowner for the purpose of selling the product.  When I receive the enquiry I try to match the person up with a CEN member in their area, or an EDA (thank you Richard) however sometimes that is too late and the salesperson has already done a number on them.  So if there was to be the decision making process based on best performance – would this be accessible to the wider public as well as energy practitioners?  Imagine the horror of some salespeople if the homeowner turned around with question based on performance and not subsidies!