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Norman Smith

I may have kick-started this conversation by declining to name products or suppliers on the Hub as we didn’t have a agreement or protocol, so here are some thoughts.

My thinking is that within the Hub could we find a way to share information which we would not talk about with households, whether it is positive or negative.

However, to avoid potential problems this should be on a ‘needs to know basis’ and probably not in writing. e.g. I heard about an absolute rip-off double glazing company operating in Wellington charging twice what everyone else is, contact me if you want details; OR I came across a great new service/product which I think is better and cheaper…etc. In the past I have talked to other practitioners about my experience in this way.

Have I ever made a mistake by going out on a limb and caused real harm by giving bad advice? Who knows, I have always tried to do my best. I do know both my growing knowledge and new products means what I recommended five years ago I would not now – e.g. who is going to recommend solar hot water systems today over PVs?

Faced with companies with big advertising budgets and the issue of bounded rationality (ref. Behavoural Economics) sometimes households want us to tell then what product or company to use. Is it our responsibility to use our superior knowledge, bite the bullet and name names ?

Kia Kaha, Norman