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Hi guys – picking up on an old thread here.

I want your opinion about what our first Hub resource should be!

I’m working with the rest of the ad hoc steering group (Heidi Mardon, Jo Wills and Vicki Cowan) at the moment to put a plan in place for the next stage of the Hub.

One of the things we all really want to see is a Hub resource developed that synthesises the knowledge in the group and is designed to help advisors in their work (and fills a current gap…). It will also be ‘quality assured’ by the Hub.

There is currently a working group (made up of Hub members) providing input into the development of CEN’s Home Performance Advisor training and certification. Once that work is complete I’d like to set up another working group (and will be calling for interested volunteers!) to develop a decision-making tool/resource sheet for advisors on a particular (yet to be decided) topic.

I’ve been looking back over the discussions in the forum during the pilot and from what I can see the topics that have been very active, have a diversity of opinions and could be contenders for our first shared resource are (working titles obviously…).

So tell us, what would be most useful? Where is the greatest need?

Or is there another pressing topic we need to tackle first??

Looking forward to hearing what you all think