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Jo Wills

Really interesting reads, thanks for posting the Beacon newsletters Vicki. As a result of reading through the newsletters, I have discovered I’ve used the wrong seal for my wooden joinery. The seal hasn’t closed all of the gaps, and in some places it has created new gaps and is putting so much pressure on the fixtures.

Double glazing would be the preferred option for us (as well as eliminating the gaps), but we can’t afford that, and I guess we would be joined by a large number of other home owners who have to tackle the more basic causes cold draughty windows/gaps.

So my contribution to this post is to ask; what is the right seal to use for wooden joinery? We have now used both self-adhesive foam strip and self-adhesive rubber strip, the foam causing issues mentioned above and the rubber not really doing much and peeling off in a matter of months.

Double glazing is going to be out of reach for a lot of people so when we are thinking about guidelines, it’s important we consider all levels of retrofitting basic through to extensive. I know a lot of the houses being assessed in the BOP (seperate project) are in the low income brackets and have draughty windows, brands aside, what is the best type of seal for wooden joinery?