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Hi Norman

At this stage we haven’t set policies around the Hub. That’s part of the pilot process and something we will need engagement and agreement from participants on. However for the time being we have some very light terms and conditions which hopefully everybody saw when they logged in for the first time.

They talk about not posting information for commercial gain. If you don’t have any personal interest in the product I don’t see why you shouldn’t name it. It may be useful for Renee or others and / or it may spark some more conversation and therefore lead to better knowledge. If you (or anyone) does have a pecuniary interest then that should be made transparent. That’s my opinion but I’m very keen to hear others thoughts and also happy to re-consider that position if there are other risks I haven’t considered that might in some way impose on the viability of the Hub. My position is that we should be guided by the “principles” of the hub and facilitating open engagement in a way that people are comfortable (feel safe) with.

What do other people think?

Should we be talking about specific products/suppliers in the Hub or should we be talking about classes products only?

Also, what about where innovation is required? How do we help people find solutions?

Remember this is a pilot so its about trying things out. Its really important to hear others views AND its a closed (log in only) environment at present, so feel free to express your views…