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Norman Smith

Hi Renee,

I have in my hand a sample of a lightweight but very high density 25mm thick insulation product with reflective foil on one side called Soffit Board which is installed in sheets up against the ceiling where there is a skillion roof and no space to install insulation. I understand it is also available with gib-board attached so this is installed on the ceiling and then plastered and painted like standard gib. I understand there are other products made by this company.


1. While in theory it looks good and I understand the supplier is a substantial Australian manufacturer, I have not yet had any occasion to specify this product so have not taken the time to research how it performs, and

2. I have no idea if it would be suitable for Lockwood in terms of finish; in most houses this product would replicate the existing painted ceiling surface, in the case of a Lockwood home it would cover the timber ceiling.

As with my earlier posting re wall insulation I have not named this product because even though I have no connection with the company I am not aware of any Hub policy around naming names- for better or for worse.

As a matter of interest, I am aware there is a long history of Lockwood engaging in debate about national energy efficiency standards. I don’t know how the EE performance of their new homes compares with those they built 5, 10, 20 or 30 years ago. It might be important to know the age of the house in question. There will be people such as Nigel Isaacs who can comment further; I will ask him if you want to know any more.

Cheers, Norman Smith