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Andrew Pollard

There are economic issues to consider here which are interesting  but need to ensure solution doesn’t create other problems (ie added moisture load which impacts health, durability, etc.).    For these other issues the heater system needs to be considered in addition to the fuel type.   An important component of a gas heater is whether has a flue or is unflued. Portable LPG cabinet heaters are unflued,  Most  fixed reticulated gas heaters have flues but portable (bayonet fitted) reticulated gas heaters are also unflued (and if I remember rightly release more water than LPG cabinet heaters) . You can also get the big bottles outside feed into a fixed heater with a flue, Gas appliances tend to be designed to use one fuel (natural gas or LPG)  and may not  be suitable (or require modification) to use the other.