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Paul Hansen

The thing to keep in mind here is you can get a Lada system, a Toyota Carolla or a Rolls Royce when it comes to Heat Transfer. The above comments are correct in that you don’t want to be considering any system that does’t have insulated ducting, this is common sense, they will also give a quieter run as the insulation will dampen noise. If air quality or respiratory issues are of concern there a good and bad filters for these systems as well.  Medical grade F7 filters will take alot of pollens, dust etc out of the system and these DO NEED maintaining to achieve perofrmance.

The other thing to keep an eye on in any system is the quality of install. Ducting comes in set lengths. This needs to be installed in as straight a lines as possible between the source room and the outlets. Cheap systems with quick cost cutting installs will not trim ducting but simply coil up excess in your roof space. Each coil will contribute to killing the systems efficiency. Smooth interior linings of the ducting also add to efficiencies. Quality fans (read GRUNTY) also contribute. Hanging the fans via super strong polypropelene (DANBAND) will give you vibration free running. this stuff is rated for 90kgs, so doesn.t look much but works well. Chain hangers or fan units sitting on a building structure element will end up with annoying running noise coming through the ducts.

We see thousnads of these units installed while we are insulating houses and like I stated there are Lada’s, Rolls Royce’s and everything in between. Some of the install quality is appalling to level where ducting is not secured to fan units or inlets/outlets therefore making the system next to useless regardless of actual quality as well as sucking in stale roof space sir. Filters not installed or installed badly, fan units resting on timber and metres of not needed ducting lying about the roof space.

Advice is to check the quality of the unit you buy or is being installed on your behalf, check the quality of the install at completion and query post install maintentance or call backs. If a company is not interseted in post install advice or maintenance they may not be worth the time in the first place.